Are you in the market to sell a home or piece of real estate? Lumberjacks Make Great Realtors, and MyAlumniAgent is here to make the introduction and connect you with a Realtor who is a former SFA student working in your area.

Describe what you need to sell (and if you need to buy), and our Referral Coordinator will match you with one or more successful, licensed Realtors who have been carefully selected based on their production, history of service excellence and area expertise!

The Realtor referred to you will serve as your trusted agent. The Referral Coordinator will remain in communication with you and your Realtor throughout the entire selling process. This unique concept ensures you experience a high level of satisfaction, and upon a successful closing, MyAlumniAgent, LLC will make a donation IN YOUR NAME to the SFA Alumni Association. It’s a win-win-win!

SFA Alumni here to help you and represent you in your real estate transaction!

MyAlumniAgent is an affinity partner of the SFA Alumni Association. We are a separate company and in no way governed by the institution.